ACCA is the first to introduce Chinese logistics ‘goods to person’ robotic warehouse, fulfilling increasing orders

Geek+ first execution of overseas project marks its official entry into the Japanese market

ALP introduces warehouse automation to solve its problem of limited resources

Geek+ AMRs help ALP reduce its picking labor by two thirds, improving space utilization of new storage layout by 20%

Empower teams up with Geek+ to build a fully automated logistics warehouse for clients

Geek+ flexible logistics solutions lead clients from convenience to agility

Why did Dell choose Geek+’s picking solutions to upgrade its warehouse?

Geek+ innovatively integrated the rapid visual inventory feature in the ‘goods to person’ picking system, improving the inventory management

NISSA introduces Geek+ robotic sorting system into its warehouses, replacing traditional operations

Geek+ flexible sorting solution empowers NISSA’s operations

How does Bosideng easily deploy smart logistics?

Geek+ and Bosideng work together to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Vipshop introduces ‘goods to person’ picking method, tripling the picking efficiency by 3 times

Geek+ deployed 100 robots, helping Vipshop save costs and increase efficiency

Suning Logistics smoothly operates intelligent warehouse, greatly improving picking efficiency and accuracy

Geek+ works with Suning to create an open, shared intelligent logistics ecosystem

Yonghui Superstore uses intelligent logistics robots to solve the business pain points of retail stores

Geek+ applied ‘goods to person’ solution to help Yonghui Superstore improve efficiency and enable its flexible expansion

How did Sinopharm Logistics break through its efficiency bottleneck?

Geek+ prioritizes customer-centricity, tailoring its efficient and flexible ‘goods to person’ picking solutions for Sinopharm Logistics

How does Jointown Pharmaceutical successfully establish its pharmaceutical logistics innovation model?

Geek+ moving systems help Jointown Pharmaceutical to realize temporary storage automation and unmanned operations of its innovation model

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