Nike fulfills same day delivery in Japan for the first time

Geek+ deployed over 200 robots to help Nike achieve same day delivery

Decathlon Triples Efficiency with Logistics Robots

Geek+ combines RFID + AMR technology in latest innovation, achieving 99.99% picking accuracy

How does retail giant Walmart successfully reduce cost and increase efficiency?

Geek+ robots help Walmart easily handle their massive quantity of SKUs, improving their picking efficiency by about 3.5 times

Yanfeng swiftly and efficiently completed the behind-the-scenes assistance of its smart factory transformation

Geek+ empowered Yanfeng to achieve faster production pace and better efficiency and stability of its automotive manufacturing solutions

ACCA is the first to introduce Chinese logistics ‘goods to person’ robotic warehouse, fulfilling increasing orders

Geek+ first execution of overseas project marks its official entry into the Japanese market

ALP introduces warehouse automation to solve its problem of limited resources

Geek+ AMRs help ALP reduce its picking labor by two thirds, improving space utilization of new storage layout by 20%

Empower teams up with Geek+ to build a fully automated logistics warehouse for clients

Geek+ flexible logistics solutions lead clients from convenience to agility

Why did Dell choose Geek+’s picking solutions to upgrade its warehouse?

Geek+ innovatively integrated the rapid visual inventory feature in the ‘goods to person’ picking system, improving the inventory management

NISSA introduces Geek+ robotic sorting system into its warehouses, replacing traditional operations

Geek+ flexible sorting solution empowers NISSA’s operations

How does Bosideng easily deploy smart logistics?

Geek+ and Bosideng work together to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Vipshop introduces ‘goods to person’ picking method, tripling the picking efficiency by 3 times

Geek+ deployed 100 robots, helping Vipshop save costs and increase efficiency

Suning Logistics smoothly operates intelligent warehouse, greatly improving picking efficiency and accuracy

Geek+ works with Suning to create an open, shared intelligent logistics ecosystem

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