How does Bosideng easily deploy smart logistics?

Geek+ and Bosideng work together to reduce costs and increase efficiency

The customer

Bosideng, founded in 1976, is the largest manufacturer of down jackets, operating the most advanced production equipment in China, and has over 20,000 employees. Bosideng down jackets are hugely popular in 72 countries, such as the United States, France, Italy, with more than 200 million people wearing them in the world.

The challenge
  • In-store sales are growing rapidly, and manual picking has become a bottleneck
  • Forklift quantity is overly large, resulting in high costs, and personnel management is difficult;
  • Automation rate is low, operation error rate is high
Our solution
  • Provide an innovative storage solution for the warehouse operation of the Bosideng warehouse. The seeding container is directly the shipping carton, which is transported to the station through the suspension chain; the seeding wall is of two-layer fluent type, and the back is directly connected with the conveyor line and transported to the packing station for packaging.
  • Build a logistics information platform via the logistics information exchange and warning feedback between the functional modules (WMS, WCS, TMS)
  • Phase 1 project area covered 5000 square meters, utilizing 116 P800 robots, 15 picking stations and 3 single point stations are deployed. The total design inventory of the whole warehouse is nearly 150000, involving more than 6000 SKUs.
  • Phase 2 project area covered 20,000 square meters and utilized 200 sets of P800 robots.
The Geek+ impact
  • Delivery capacity increased to 3500 pieces / hour
  • Single point RF putaway, reduced site occupation
  • Enabled multi batch and small batch store replenishment
  • Saved over 10 units of forklifts and over 50 manual workers
  • Difficulty of personnel management is reduced, and the operation accuracy is established at 100%