How did Sinopharm Logistics break through its efficiency bottleneck?

Geek+ prioritizes customer-centricity, tailoring its efficient and flexible ‘goods to person’ picking solutions for Sinopharm Logistics

The customer

Sinopharm Logistics is the logistics arm of Sinopharm, China’s largest pharmaceutical distributor. It is the first third-party professional pharmaceutical logistics company in China, covering warehousing services, drug sales, domestic road freight forwarding and other services.

The challenge

Sinopharm Logistics implements a single drug traceability system to ensure the accuracy of drug shipments, and has a strict multi-vendor, multi-channel and drug quality status management system, which has significantly increased the need for accurate small part picking while increasing overall productivity and lowering labor costs and worker intensity.

Our solution
  • Geek+ picking system deployed in 1500sm warehouse, covering 10 workstations and 399 shelving units
  • Solution customized for the pharmaceutical industry customized solution such as batch management, quality status management, drug storage compliance management, and expiration date management
  • First time use of light selection technology applied to the workstations, so that the individual workstation picking efficiency can be increased to 80-120 lines/hour/person
The Geek+ impact
  • Significant picking efficiency increased, from 30-40 lines/hour/person tp 80-120 lines/hour/person
  • Manual picking efficiency increased by about 3 times
  • Labor intensity greatly reduced
  • Ultra-high picking accuracy