Suning Logistics smoothly operates intelligent warehouse, greatly improving picking efficiency and accuracy

Geek+ works with Suning to create an open, shared intelligent logistics ecosystem

The customer

Suning Logistics is China’s leading retail logistics company and the logistics arm of, one of China’s largest retailers. Suning Logistics provides warehousing, distribution and other supply chain services and is dedicated to building the most efficient consumer goods warehousing services and smart logistics platform in China. At the end of 2018, Suning Logistics and subsidiary TTK Express had a total storage area of 9.5 million ㎡ covering 351 cities and over 2,858 districts and counties. Suning Logistics has over 2000 business partners around the world from a wide range of industries.

The challenge

To enhance customer service and support growing demand, Suning has been looking into new efficiency drivers for its warehouses, including unmanned warehouse technologies. In 2010, it started implementing traditional automation processes in its warehouses. Realizing the limits of traditional automation processes, specifically the lack of autonomy and AI applications, Suning started looking into autonomous mobile robotics solution.

Our solution
  • In 2017, Geek+ deployed 70 P800 picking robots carrying 1058 shelves and pallet racks, and integrated their management system into Suning’s warehouse management system (WMS) to achieve full goods to person automated picking
  • In 2019, Geek+ deployed 15 P800 picking robots and 193 shelves, integrating the robots’ management system with Suning Logistics’
The Geek+ impact
  • Warehouse daily orders multiplied by three
  • Picking efficiency 3 to 7 times higher: overall average picking capacity of 300 pieces/hour/station compared to 100 pieces before
  • Incredible impact during 11/11 international shopping festival, with maximum picking capacity of 700+ pieces per hour per station, for average of 500 pieces per hour per station
  • Overall storage capacity increased by 40%
  • Increased storage capacity thanks to flexible layout of shelves
  • Picking capacity reached 600 pieces/station/hour
  • Overall productivity increased by nearly 50%