How does retail giant Walmart successfully reduce cost and increase efficiency?

Geek+ robots help Walmart easily handle their massive quantity of SKUs, improving their picking efficiency by about 3.5 times

The customer

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation and the number 1 Fortune 500 company. It operates 8,500 stores worldwide, more than 400 stores in China, 18 logistics distribution centers, and has dozens of new stores opening each year.

The challenge

As the world largest retail chain operating different hypermarket chains and discount stores Walmart faces a variety of challenges with its warehouses including:

  • Large volumes in and out of the warehouse; Massive SKUs; Different depth of storage; High volatility;
  • Daily orders must be shipped the on same day, and delivery accuracy requirements of 99.99%;
  • High error rate and high labor costs of manual picking
Our solution

This is the first time Walmart has used robotic solutions in its warehouses. Geek+ implemented a pilot project in Walmart’s Shenzhen Distribution Center to test the efficiency and adaptability of the Geek+ Picking System with Wal-Mart’s existing operations.

Geek+ deployed 6 picking robots in a 200 square meter pilot area, used for loading and unloading shelves, replenishing shelves, inventory, and performing outbound operations according to order instructions.

The Geek+ impact
  • Highly successful pilot project for Walmart’s first robotic solution experience
  • Reduced labor intensity
  • Improved picking accuracy
  • Productivity increased from 149 pieces/person/hour to 533 pieces per person/hour
  • Picking efficiency improved by 3.5 times
  • Following the successful test, Walmart and Geek+ are expanding its partnership, with 18 more new robots and introducing the robotic solution to Walmart Chile.