ACCA is the first to introduce Chinese logistics ‘goods to person’ robotic warehouse, fulfilling increasing orders

Geek+ first execution of overseas project marks its official entry into the Japanese market

The customer

ACCA is the logistics arm of Daiwa House Group, a leading provider of construction and real estate services in Japan. ACCA is an advanced 3PL in Japan, using robotic automation to improve its operational efficiency.

The challenge

With a fast increasing sales of shoes and clothes in Japan, more and more warehouse operators have to walk long distances back and forth between the storage area and delivering area. Aging population has increased scarcity and cost of labor. Geek+ solutions help decrease labor costs and make warehouse operations smooth and efficient.

Our solution
  • In 2017, ACCA first introduced 30 P500 P series robots and 800 Sets rack in a 2600㎡ area.
  • In 2018, ACCA expanded the operations with 90 additional robots and 2400 Sets rack, with the warehouse expanding to 8000㎡.
The Geek+ impact
  • Warehouse area: 8000㎡
  • AGV: P500 120 Pcs
  • Rack: 3200 Sets
  • Working station: 12 Sets
  • In the past two years, warehouse operations have significantly improved in efficiency.
  • The number of workers decreased from 20 person to only 4 person by using only 30 Pcs robots.
  • By using Geek+ solution, ACCA has also improved its brand image and become a renowned 3PL in Japan, attracting world renowned brands in their warehouse.