Handling Critical Supply Chain Challenges in the Pharmaceutical industry with Shelf-to-person solutions

About Customer

With over 25 years of experience in the local market, A&D Pharma is one of the largest pharmaceutical groups in Europe, offering pharmaceutical retail and drug distribution services, with a turnover of over 1 billion euros in 2021 and over 5000 employees.
A&D Pharma has two business lines, both of strategic importance: A drug distribution line and a pharmaceutical retail line.

About Partner

One of Europe’s leading chain of pharmacies, Dr.Max, recently upgraded their operations with a fleet of Geek+ shelf-to-person robots. Their distribution center in Bucharest, Romania, is now able to handle over 25 000 items a month with a picking accuracy rate of over 99%. The result is a new experience of shopping for medications for Dr.Max’s patients – the Hyper Pharmacy – where the experience goes beyond simply handing over a prescription and receiving medications.

The Challenge 

  • The challenge posed by the growth of e-commerce businesses in recent years, as well as the demand of peak season.
  • Delivering products with a very strict best-before date in a faster and more accurate way. Customers need products from outbound operations to be shipped with the correct best-before date (Expiry date)

Our Solution

  • Dr. Max's distribution center in Bucharest (Romania) is operating currently with 96 P500 picking robots. The area in which the Geek+ shelf-to-person solutions operate is 3,200 m2, out of a total warehouse area of 4,830 m2.
  • Dr. Max is able to handle more than 25,000 SKUs per month thanks to Geek+'s warehouse automation. With 99.99% accuracy, Dr. Max is able to handle 180 - 190 lines/hour during peak seasons.
  • Dr. Max has become a gamechanger in the pharmaceutical industry by implementing these solutions. It has become one of the most powerful e-commerce players in Romania and has established a new way of shopping in pharmacies with a concept called Hyper Pharmacies.

The Geek+ impact

  • 99.99% accuracy in packet classification
  • The warehouse supports more than 25,000 SKUs per month
  • 96 P500 robots working 24/7
  • One of the most important e-commerce platforms in Romania         

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