Why did Dell choose Geek+’s picking solutions to upgrade its warehouse?

Geek+ innovatively integrated the rapid visual inventory feature in the ‘goods to person’ picking system, improving the inventory management

The customer

Kerry Logistics is a third party logistics provider, warehouse operator and the oldest international freight services company in mainland China.

Dell is a multinational computer technology company that develops, repairs and supports computers and related products and services.

The challenge

Kerry Logistics manages and operates Dell’s Xiamen spare parts warehouse. The layout of the warehouse area is very compact, and the usage rate of the storage area is very high, which increases the difficulty of manual selection. The traditional manual picking efficiency cannot meet the timeliness of Dell’s outbound storage requirements.

Our solution
  • Geek+ deployed 32 P500 picking robots and over 2,000 sets of shelves
  • A dense storage method was implemented to meet high storage capacity and high space utilization requirements
  • The solutions allows to manage massive SKUs and the solution is highly flexible, functions such as picking, loading, and inventory can be switched at any time according to business needs
The Geek+ impact
  • Single package inventory efficiency multiplied by 10 with the integration of a fast visual inventory device
  • Entirely open and unmanned process, optimizing space utilization
  • The number of on-site operators has been reduced, and the timeliness and accuracy of the overall operation has been improved, saving labor and management costs