Leading the way in Four-way Shuttle solution for more than six months, Tica builds a digital smart production base




The customer

Founded in 1991, Tica is committed to becoming the world's leading system supplier and service provider of intelligent environment and green energy. After 31 years of innovative development, its leading products have been the first in the national market share for 12 consecutive years, and its products are widely used in projects such as Bird's Nest, Water Cube, C919 large aircraft, big rocket, Baihetan Hydropower Station, etc.

The challenge
  • Traditional manual efficiency and accuracy to be improved
  • Warehouse capacity needs to be improved
  • Need to ensure information pull-through and product stability without stopping
Our solution

Four-way Shuttle Solution

Customer value
  • Significant increase in warehouse utilization
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Human-machine mixing is safe and reliable
  • Full manufacturing process information pull-through