Transforming Automotive Logistics: Geek+, Geely, JDL Leading the Way

Client Overview:

Geely Auto Group, a prominent automotive manufacturer in Asia, is steadfast in its ambition to become the most competitive and esteemed regional automotive brand. Under its umbrella are Geely Auto, Lynk & Co, and Geometry brands.

In the year 2020, Geely ushered in a groundbreaking era by adopting a modular strategy, encompassing BMA, CMA superstructures, SPA, and SEA vast architecture.

By October 2020, Geely celebrated a remarkable achievement, surpassing 10 million vehicles in cumulative global sales, a historic feat for an Asian automotive brand.

Client Pain Points:

  • Wide Business Coverage: RDC warehouse manages storage for 400+ suppliers and over 7,000 parts, while also handling in-factory logistics.
  • Storage Space Challenges: Faced with space constraints in warehouse storage.
  • High Efficiency and Accuracy Demands
  • High standards for picking and outbound operations.
Geely6 4WS

Geek+ Solution: Four-way Shuttle ASRS Solution

Optimized Upper-Level Storage: This innovative solution effectively utilizes upper-level storage (2-5) within the vertical warehouse. It seamlessly combines the X1200 omnidirectional robot with intelligent high-speed vertical elevators, resulting in automated bulk material storage and retrieval.

Efficient Picking at Ground Level: The P800 picking robots operate efficiently at the ground level of the vertical warehouse. They transport pallets and boxed materials to the workstation, significantly streamlining the picking process.

Client Benefits:

  • 8000 Square Meters Saved: By maximizing upper-level storage for enhanced efficiency.
  • 60% Efficiency Enhancement: Operations experience a remarkable boost in productivity.
  • 99% Inventory Accuracy: Precise inventory management ensures smooth operations.
  • 100% FIFO Execution: Adherence to the first-in, first-out principle is guaranteed.
Geely9 4WS