Yanfeng swiftly and efficiently completed the behind-the-scenes assistance of its smart factory transformation

Geek+ empowered Yanfeng to achieve faster production pace and better efficiency and stability of its automotive manufacturing solutions

The customer

Yanfeng focuses on automotive interior and exterior, car seats, cockpit electronics and safety. Since 2010, Yanfeng has actively expanded its presence globally market and has become the world’s largest automotive interior company. It currently has more than 230 factories worldwide and employs more than 65,000 people (including more than 6,700 engineering and design staff).

The challenge
  • Cost: Labor costs are rising year by year
  • Efficiency: It is increasingly difficult for logistics to meet high-frequency production needs
  • Safety: High risk for manual handling
  • Management: Unable to conduct WIP inventory management and data traceability
Our solution
  • Geek+ provides Yanfeng with 18 P800 for picking and handling and introduces a self-developed inventory process management system
  • Geek+ solutions take care of the handling and buffering of finished products after injection molding; before and after secondary processing, and picking and handling before delivery, effectively achieving unmanned and intelligent automation
The Geek+ impact
  • 4 production areas are linked with robots for better efficiency, increasing average production tempo to 60s
  • Average production tempo increased to 60S
  • Feeding flow rate up to 60 cars / hour, twice the efficiency of traditional AGV
  • Efficient and timely management of production flow, achieving a neat and organized site layout and scoring a system management accuracy rate of 100%
  • Return on investment achieved in less than 2 years