Siemens Switchgear joins industry 4.0 with Geek+ Smart Factory



About Customer

Siemens Switchgear is a world-leading manufacturer of switchgear equipment.

The challenge

  • Low warehouse storage efficiency cannot meet regular storage demands
  • Low picking efficiency and accuracy
  • Labor-intensive operations in in the warehouse
  • Inefficient quality inspection process
  • Manual handling of heavy materials

Our Solution

  • Smart Factory solution of integrated logistics robots
  • Four-way shuttles
  • P800 Goods-to-Person robots
  • C200S Bin-to-Person robots
  • heavy-load handling robot M1000s
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The Geek+ impact

  • 2-3 x improved storage capacity
  • 99.99% accurate operations
  • 2.5 x storing efficiency 
  • Outbound collection process improved by 2.15 x
  • 30% less manual labor
  • More visibility across the production flow through integrated solutions
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