ALP introduces warehouse automation to solve its problem of limited resources

Geek+ AMRs help ALP reduce its picking labor by two thirds, improving space utilization of new storage layout by 20%

The customer

Ally Logistic Property, Co., Ltd (ALP) is the first professional logistic property developer in Taiwan. With its award winning warehouse solution Logistics Republic, the Company aims to create a new generation of logistics facility, by developing the logistics network, integrating resources and implementing the latest technology equipment, providing a highly efficient industrial environment for major industries and logistics services providers.

The challenge

Faced with an increasing variety of SKUs but restricted quantities, ALP decided to implement warehouse automation to facilitate its operation.

Our solution
  • Geek+ implemented its picking solution in a 5776 square meter warehouse covering 10,000 active SKUs, for an improved picking rate of 450 pieces per hour.
The Geek+ impact
  • Significant warehouse operation improvement
  • Implementation of Geek+ AMR reduced picking workforce by 2/3
  • New layout helped enhance 20% of space utilization
  • No. of racks: 800
  • No. of workstation: 15 (putaway: 6, picking: 9)
  • No. of robots applied: 70*P800
  • Picking rate/hr: 450/hr