NISSA introduces Geek+ robotic sorting system into its warehouses, replacing traditional operations

Geek+ flexible sorting solution empowers NISSA’s operations

The customer

NISSA  Engineering specialises in complete technology solutions in the area of professional digital turnkey printing, fully providing equipment delivery, installation, and further maintenance services.

The challenge

Nissa Engineering seeks to introduce a sorting POC to replace the traditional manual workflow and increase effectiveness of operations.

Our solution
  • Geek+ implemented its robotics sorting solution to a 199 square meter site for a sorting rate of over 500 pieces/hour.
  • No. of drop-off stations: 22
  • No. of workstations: 2
  • No. of Robots applied: 12* S20
The Geek+ impact
  • A highly efficient and cost-reducing sorting system
  • In total 21 drop off stations and 1 special drop off station for abnormal parcels (i.e. invalid address or barcode)
  • Gantry specially designed for camera positioning and workstation set up
  • Camera can identify the barcode at the top of the parcel and deliver the parcel to the correct destination