How does Jointown Pharmaceutical successfully establish its pharmaceutical logistics innovation model?

Geek+ moving systems help Jointown Pharmaceutical to realize temporary storage automation and unmanned operations of its innovation model

The customer

Jointown Pharmaceutical Group is the largest private pharmaceutical distribution company in China, distributing international and Chinese drugs and medical equipment. In 2018, the company reported revenues of over $20 billion USD (RMB87 billion yuan) and 1,287 retail points.

The challenge

Jointown Pharmaceutical Group has 127 pharmaceutical logistics centers with a storage capacity of 10 million pieces. Under new requirements the Company set an overall processing volume of 10,000 pieces/hour with 99.9% accuracy.

Our solution
  • 100 picking robots deployed and integrated with existing automation, combining with the facility’s conveyor belts and forklifts to provide complete automation over multi-floor temporary storage, involving 1,736 storage space
  • Picking robots transport goods directly to the platform for unmanned unloading
  • User friendly interface providing multiple data gathering, reducing operation risks and increasing transportation safety
The Geek+ impact
  • Saving space: smaller space needed for robot movement and storage capacity increased by 1/3 compared with conventional manual forklift operations
  • Significant labor and equipment cost reduction
  • ROI under two years
  • An innovative model of temporary storage automation and unmanned operations, a blueprint for new pharmaceutical warehouses