Geek+ Rapid 12 day deployment helps Stork-Up 12-day deployment improve accuracy and efficiency by 300%


The customer

Stork Up is an e-commerce order fulfillment and cross-border shipping solution provider based in Hong Kong, China. Founded in 2017, Stork Up works with a wide range of well-known brands covering everything from toys to apparel, cosmetics to health products, etc. Stork Up is committed to providing the best customer experience and empowering global online retailers to access more convenient e-commerce services.

The challenge
  • Need to handle large volume of orders accurately and efficiently
  • Agile and flexible supply chain to respond to market changes
  • AMR needs to be easy to use and easy to deploy
Our solution


storkup 1-1
Customer value
  • 12 days to deploy online
  • 99.99% picking accuracy
  • 300% improvement in accuracy and efficiency