6 Reasons to Choose Geek+ Robotic Solutions

Posted by Manas Medisetty on Jul 4, 2022 5:06:59 AM

The demand for robotic solutions such as autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in warehouse and factory operations is rapidly rising as automation has proven its effectiveness time and time again in driving supply chain success. 


Robotic solutions like AMRs have proven to be instrumental in helping businesses manage peak seasons and circumvent problems such as labor shortages during these high-stress periods. At Geek+, we strive to be your first choice for robotic solutions that truly meet your organization’s needs. Here are 6 reasons why you should choose us for your next robotics investment!


  1. Low Operation Costs

Due to the level of automation, equipment, and software needed for goods-to-person (GTP) systems, they are considerably more expensive than automated person-to-goods (PTG) systems. However, despite the differential initial capital expenditure, Geek+’s GTP systems are capable of generating favorable ROI when considering potential labor efficiencies and real estate savings.

Solutions like AMRs can be highly flexible in the way they augment your workforce – they can either replace a sizeable portion of unskilled labor, or they can complement workers to make them more efficient and productive. These translate into significant labor savings in the future. AMRs also do not require big investments to renovate environments and add infrastructure.

In the long run, the successful implementation of robotics solutions can become a key driver of lowered operation costs at your warehouse.

  1. High Safety

Due to insufficient time, inadequate resources, carelessness, or even an opportunity to cut corners and reduce costs, warehouse safety is often overlooked and disregarded. According to reports from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the US warehousing and storage sector experiences nearly 15,000 injuries and illnesses and an average of 16 fatalities each year. With the implementation of Geek+’s GTP systems, you can expect to see a rise in the safety levels of your warehouse.

PHOTOAn automated warehouse can operate efficiently with minimal manual labour. For example, a Geek+ picking robot can assist in order picking and pallet handling, thereby obliterating the risks from manual lifting and handling which warehouse employees were previously exposed to. Instead of being involved in precarious and laborious work, warehouse employees can now work in a more secure environment and focus their effort in strategizing warehouse operations to maximize overall productivity.

In addition, Geek+’s GTP workstations are designed for exceptional ergonomics that enable employees to perform job functions with safe postures and well-choreographed movements. Since the need for lifting and carrying SKUs by pickers is significantly reduced compared to PTG systems, GTP operations can reduce warehouse injuries and in turn, improve workplace safety, productivity, and employee job satisfaction.

  1. No More Errors

Non-automated warehouses that rely completely on manual labor amplify the risk of human error, which may impede picking accuracy and increase inventory count errors. Not only do errors reduce the efficiency of operations, they also lead to customer dissatisfaction and extra costs incurred to rectify the mistakes. Such errors are costly – a single mispick can cost $22 and the average company losses $390,000 annually due to mispicks.

骏高物流旗舰智慧物流中心_02-1Avoid that with Geek+’s GTP automated retrieval systems which are designed to directly deliver the correct product to pickers’ workstations, reducing opportunities for mispicks. Geek’s GTP systems have achieved up to 99.99% accuracy in warehouse operations. Warehouse digitalization through our robotic solutions opens the window to intelligent AI algorithms and a host of applications from automating processes to tracking the real-time location of SKUs. Moreover, real-time synchronization, where AI algorithms can sync inventory databases with billing systems and financial data, will greatly boost the overall efficiency and transparency of your entire supply chain. Exact stock quantities and conditions of available stock can be easily retrieved, which eliminates stock misplacement and facilitates forecasting demand and planning supply. With today’s demand for fast time-to-value, this benefit is irrefutable for your business.

  1. Real-time Monitoring

Geek+’s solutions open the window to AI algorithms as well as a host of applications to realize warehouse digitalization. This entails automating operational processes, tracking the real-time location of SKUs, and more importantly, smart replenishment. Based on real-time monitoring of warehouse stock status and order sales, a deep neural network is employed to generate multi-level and multi-area replenishment plans. As such, supply chain inefficiencies such as the bullwhip effect can be circumvented whilst improving replenishment accuracy to carry out routine operations faster than ever. With today’s business demand for fast time-to-value, the benefit of real-time monitoring is irrefutable.

  1. Fast Deployment & Flexibility

Geek+’s series of automated, unmanned solutions and algorithms are highly flexible and can be deployed rapidly according to the unique needs of each warehouse. Our algorithms can also support local software package invocation as well as other deployment modes. By improving efficiency, reducing operation costs and thus shortening the investment return cycle for customers, business benefits for each customer can be maximized in the swiftest and most convenient way.

乐友 案例照片_01-1This flexibility is especially pertinent in the current climate, where e-commerce is proliferating and business seasonality fluctuates tremendously. Peak periods are crucial points for businesses to capitalize on. Geek+’s GTP systems can be flexibly scaled up when required to help businesses effectively accommodate seasonal spikes in order volumes and safeguard the sustained efficacy of their order fulfillment system. 

  1. >3x More Efficiency

Geek+’s robotic solutions promise high levels of order fulfillment efficiency. A key highlight is that workers do not have to move at all – all work is directed to their workstations, hence eradicating travel time, improving individual productivity, and minimizing full-time equivalent (FTE) requirements. This is especially beneficial for organizations managing massive numbers of SKUs or with large facilities, as compared to operations with small facilities or very densely slotted pick engines.

DSV, a global 3PL company supplying transport and logistics solutions, partnered with Geek+ and witnessed first-hand the acceleration of operational efficiency by robotic solutions. In its Hong Kong warehouse, DSV has more than 6,000 SKUs of tiny cosmetic items in a 45,000 sq. ft area where employees had to take time and spot the right item to fulfill each order. This has greatly hampered not only the picking efficiency, but the picking accuracy as well. To tackle this issue, DSV adopted 42 picking robots, 739 racks, and 9 workstations from Geek+. By adopting the automated picking system they were able to achieve improved picking accuracy, doubled productivity, reduced labour costs, and increased overall storage capacity by 200%.

In conclusion, Geek+’s automated solutions have proven repeatedly to aid businesses in leveling up their productivity and thriving amidst peak seasons. We hope that by highlighting the 6 key benefits of our solutions, you can see the value Geek+ can bring to your organization. To learn more about how our solutions can cater to your specific business needs, chat with our consultants today!

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