Built for the Modern Supply Chain: How Geek+ Shelf-to-Person Solutions alleviate Peak Season Logistics Challenges

Posted by Manas Medisetty on Oct 9, 2023 2:05:55 AM

The Challenge of Peak Season

The peak season, spanning from Black Friday through the holiday season and beyond, is characterized by a surge in demand, amplified significantly by the rise of e-commerce. Warehouse activity skyrockets, peaking at 50-100% more than regular operations.

However, with this surge comes a set of chronic issues that perennially plague warehouse operations during peak season:

Labor Shortages

Securing seasonal staff is a perpetual challenge. Record-low unemployment rates leave little extra labor to hire from. The competition for temporary workers among logistics firms, retailers, and shippers escalates during the peak hiring season, depleting the same finite labor pool.

Onboarding numerous new workers stretches training resources thin. Many seasonal hires possess limited skills, negatively impacting productivity and quality. The burden of guiding new recruits often falls on seasoned employees.

This perennial challenge leaves facilities invariably understaffed. Tasks take longer as a significant portion of seasonal hires learns on the job, severely impacting the capacity to handle peak volumes.


Congestion and Bottlenecks

Warehouses find themselves bursting at the seams during peak times. The increase in inventory and workers strains available space, leading to makeshift storage areas that clutter the facilities. Forklifts and workers navigating in all directions cause a constant traffic snarl.

Picking areas often become bottleneck zones due to the challenge of efficiently allocating work amidst fluctuating inventory and staffing. This results in gridlock, further adding to the chaos.

High Costs

The surge in demand during peak season mandates significant investments. Facilities incur overtime wages for overworked employees and must hire additional staff, resulting in a 20-50% higher headcount. Expedited parcel shipping and extra transportation runs add millions to the costs.

Lower productivity from temporary workers translates to more labor hours per task. Mistakes from fatigued or undertrained staff increase costly returns and inventory shortfalls. Facilities lease additional space at a premium to accommodate the peak rush.

Mounting Mistakes

All these factors culminate in substantially higher defect rates. Labor shortages lead to inadequate training and supervision, bottlenecks cause frustration and time pressures, and expensive air freight reduces quality checking. Temporary workers are more prone to errors, making three times as many mistakes.

Producing near-flawless output during peak season is imperative, but the chaos undermines quality. Shipping incorrect items erodes customer satisfaction. Managing returns consumes time and profits, and inventory inaccuracies lead to stockouts, requiring expensive overnight replenishments.

Transportation companies face penalties for late deliveries due to warehouse delays, retailers lose sales due to stock-outs, and brands suffer reputational damage when customers receive incorrect items.

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Why Geekplus is the Peak Season Solution

Geekplus Robotics presents a revolutionary solution to navigate these challenges of the peak season. Our goods-to-person solutions leverage advanced robotics to revolutionize warehouse workflows.

Two patented Shelf-to-person systems deliver transformative results:

  1. 1. Shelf-to-Person

Autonomous robots fetch shelves and deliver them to pickers stationed at set workstations, eliminating walking time and accelerating picking.

  1. 2. Shelf-to-Person PopPick

PopPick, an innovative evolution of the Shelf-to-Person system, revolutionizes productivity by automating storage and retrieval across various sizes and business types, from B2B to B2C. This compact, modular design with dual-picking workstations and mobile robots moving shelves of up to 1200kg drastically enhances picking efficiency up to 650 totes per hour, effectively doubling throughput capacity.

Both systems boost productivity and address key peak season challenges, but PopPick further optimizes workflows. Geekplus also provides accompanying software, controls, and equipment to complete the automated solutions.

Geekplus shelf to person


Flexibility: Tailoring Geekplus Solutions to Your Needs

One of the standout features of Geekplus Robotics' goods-to-person systems is their adaptability and flexibility. The modular design of the Geekplus systems allows for customization to meet the unique requirements of different supply chain scenarios.

Customizable Configurations: Geekplus understands that no two warehouses are exactly alike. The solutions can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your facility, whether you're dealing with varying product sizes, shapes, or business models, from B2B to B2C.

Scalability: As your business grows or experiences fluctuating demands, Geekplus systems can seamlessly scale up or down. Whether it's adding more robots, workstations, or shelving units, the system grows with you, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

Effortless Integration: Geekplus solutions are designed to integrate smoothly with your existing warehouse management systems (WMS). This ensures a streamlined transition and avoids disruptions in your operations. The adaptability of these systems facilitates a hassle-free integration process.DSC01411-Enhanced-NR-2Get in touch

Efficiency Unleashed: Geekplus Automation in Action

Efficiency Enhancements: Beyond the physical components, the Geekplus ecosystem offers a range of tools and software that can be tailored to your specific needs. These tools aid in planning, simulation, real-time monitoring, and fault recovery. You have the flexibility to choose and customize based on your operational requirements.

This inherent flexibility empowers businesses to optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and drive productivity in peak season and throughout the year. Geekplus Robotics' solutions are not just a one-size-fits-all approach but a customizable toolkit to enhance your logistics operations effectively. Unlock the potential of Geekplus and tailor the future of your supply chain.

During peak seasons, efficiency becomes the linchpin of success. Geekplus Robotics'  goods-to-person systems offer transformative results.

Boosted Throughput: Automation delivers exponential throughput gains, making it ideal for peak demands. Robots operate 24/7 with no breaks, ensuring round-the-clock operations. No time is wasted on walking, boosting picking rates 2-3X. The auto-transport of inventory prevents traffic jams, while AI-enabled systems optimize routes, stowing, and task prioritization in real time.

Reduced Labor Needs: Automating material transport significantly reduces labor requirements. Robots take over a substantial portion of tasks, minimizing the hiring challenges. Software seamlessly coordinates robots and workers, reducing the need for oversight. Optimized workflows and accelerated picking multiply worker output, leading to a 30%+ reduction in labor needs.

Uninterrupted Operations: Geekplus automation enables 24/7 functioning with minimal human presence. Robots work tirelessly with no breaks, meals, or end-of-shift downtime. Integrations with WMS systems allow centralized remote order assignment and optimization. Advanced safety features and controls ensure facility safety with minimal onsite workers, enabling continuous operations.

Optimized Space Utilization: Innovative storage solutions by Geekplus save valuable space during peak times. High-density mobile shelving units reduce aisle space, while compact workstations maximize picking areas. No designated robot paths or parking conserves facility room. Easy reconfiguration adapts layouts to shifting inventories, maximizing cubic capacity and shelving 2-3X more items in the same footprint.

hybrid storage-1Download Shelf-to-Person BrochureContinuous Improvement: Geekplus systems provide rich data insights through machine learning, driving continuous improvement. Pick-by-vision tools track worker performance, and video recordings identify enhancement opportunities. Automated analytics pinpoint throughput limiting factors, and machine learning models optimize future workflows, ensuring sustained productivity gains over time.

Rapid Deployment and Quick ROI: Modular components enable accelerated implementation, getting operations up and running in weeks, meeting seasonal demands versus months of integration. The flexibility of easy relocation and phased rollout provides a quick return on investment, giving businesses the ability to profitably scale up and down to match volatile peak flows.

Effectively managing the explosive growth during the peak season places immense burdens on logistics firms. Geekplus’ innovative robotics solutions alleviate these pressures through automation. Goods-to-person systems drive transformative throughput, labor, cost, and space benefits. Logistics leaders can conquer seasonal challenges with cutting-edge technology. By automating peak periods with Geekplus, businesses unlock game-changing performance.

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Geekplus Systems: A Closer Look

Geekplus' Shelf-to-Person solution is a comprehensive system that includes various modules, such as robots, workstations, shelves, systems, and safety solutions. Here are some additional details about the system:

Robust Robotics: The system utilizes the P-series picking robots, including models like P500, P800, M1000, and P1200. These robots offer varying lifting loads, shelf sizes, and operating speeds to match diverse operational needs.

Versatile Shelf Options: The system supports various types of shelves, including pallet racks, carton shelves, laminate shelves, tote shelves, and hanging shelves. It's compatible with large, medium, and small items, hanging items, and irregularly shaped items.

hybrid storage1

Intelligent Workstations: The workstation is the core of human-machine interaction in the standard shelf-to-person picking scenario. On-site operators pick goods from the shelves transported by robots and perform various other operations in this space.

STP and STP Popick

Intuitive Software Solutions: The system includes software modules such as the Warehouse Execution System (WES) and the Robot Management System (RMS), providing flexible configuration and functionality, interfaces with customer WMS systems, improving operational efficiency, saving costs, and achieving intelligent inventory management and picking optimization.

Advanced Safety Measures: The safety solution includes PLB and PLD two solutions for different requirements. The complete system safety solution has been approved by TUV Rheinland certification, providing protection with a safety function performance level of up to PLD. The system also includes safety doors, maintenance areas, and safety fences for the entire area to ensure the safety of warehouse operators.



Geekplus Robotics' solutions are not just about robots and shelves; they represent a holistic approach to warehouse automation, designed to optimize every aspect of warehouse operations for peak seasons and beyond.


What is peak season in logistics?
Peak season in logistics refers to the period when there's a significant surge in demand for products or services, often due to holidays, festivals, or other seasonal factors.
Why is peak season important for logistics companies?
Peak season is crucial for logistics companies as it can significantly impact their revenue and overall business performance. Meeting the high demand efficiently is essential for customer satisfaction and business growth.
How can automation help in peak season logistics?
Automation in logistics during peak season can streamline operations, improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enable faster order processing due to the assistance of robots and optimized workflows. Geek+ automation increases throughput by operating 24/7 without breaks, automating inventory transport, optimizing workflows, and utilizing robots that can pick 2-3 times faster than humans, boosting overall productivity.
How flexible are Geek+ solutions to adapt to changing demands during peak season?
Geek+ automation allows for easy scalability by adding more robots, pickers, or stations as needed, providing flexibility to quickly respond to fluctuations in demand during the peak season.
How does Geek+ automation contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction during the peak season?
Geek+ warehouse automation helps enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring faster and accurate order processing, timely deliveries, and improved overall customer experience  and a positive brand image even during the high-demand peak season.

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