Geek+Speak The Logistics Automation Podcast Episode 5:  Cost Benefit Analysis of Robotic Automation Part 2

Posted by Sarah Gomez on Feb 16, 2023 9:24:24 PM

Episode 5: Cost Benefit Analysis of Robotic Automation Part 2

If you follow us on LinkedIn or have browsed our website, you're already familiar with the direct benefits of automation: increasing your warehouse throughput by 4x, reduced operating costs, increased accuracy, storage density and so much more.

But what about the lesser know direct and indirect benefits, reasons to automate that only automation experts know? On this episode of Geek+ Speak: The Logistics Automation Podcast, hear from experts who have spent their entire careers in automation and who have walked hundreds of clients through the automation process.

This is the second half of our Cost Benefit Analysis episode of automation. If you haven't listened to the first half, please download episode 4.



Let's Talk

Join Simon Houghton, Head of Sales and Marketing for Geek+ UK and Ireland, Jonathan Cortellacci, Head of Innovations Geek+ Americas and Andrew Matsui, Head Of Key Accounts Success for Geek+ Global for this episode.

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