Geek+Speak The Logistics Automation Podcast Episode 4:  Cost Benefit Analysis of Robotic Automation Part 1

Posted by Sarah Gomez on Dec 8, 2022 2:33:34 PM

Episode 4: Cost Benefit Analysis of Robotic Automation Part 1

You’ve been seriously thinking about automating your warehouse. You’ve read the brochures, seen the videos, and you’re almost ready to talk to a solutions expert.

But you want to know more before you jump in.

On this episode of Geek+ Speak: The Logistics Automation Podcast, we’re doing a cost benefit analysis of automation to help you prepare for that big first meet up with an expert


In this two-part series, we'll discuss why customers, just like you:
👉Decided to automate in the first place

👉The costs to consider

👉And all the benefits you can expect

Let's Talk

Join Simon Houghton, Head of Sales and Marketing for Geek+ UK and Ireland, Jonathan Cortellacci, Head of Innovations Geek+ Americas and Andrew Matsui, Head Of Key Accounts Success for Geek+ Global for this episode.

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