Geek+Speak The Logistics Automation Podcast Episode 3: Labor Shortages

Posted by Sarah Gomez on Dec 9, 2022 4:16:45 PM


Episode 3: HELP WANTED: Facing the Post Pandemic Peak Season Labor Shortages

How are warehouses expected to find seasonal labor when high-paying, entry-level warehouse jobs are sitting empty?

Look, we can’t solve the global labor shortage. But we can help your Peak Season orders get out on time.

On this episode of Geek+Speak: The Logistics Automation Podcast, we’ll tell you all about how reliable automated solutions can:

👉Quickly ramp up production on short notice

👉Guarantee flexibility in the future when consumer demands change (and they will change)!

👉Improve your throughput, even if your’e already using automation




Let's Talk

Join Simon Houghton, Head of Sales and Marketing for Geek+ UK and Ireland, and Andrew Matsui, Head Of Key Accounts Success for Geek+ Global for this episode.

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