Geek+ Speak S1E10: Product Slotting  Pt 1 of 2, Slotting Stories to Learn From

Posted by Sarah Gomez on May 26, 2023 1:12:55 PM

“In the end, we’re all looking for that optimal pick path.”

And it all begins with product slotting—the term logistics professionals use for the process of organizing and optimizing SKUS in a warehouse or distribution center.

Some experts argue that good slotting is THE NUMBER ONE factor in determining warehouse efficiency.

And yet we find warehouses, especially those still operating manually, in a continuous state of disarray.

In this episode (which is part one of a two-part analysis of slotting) we’ll take you back and remember how warehouses were traditionally organized.

We’ll hear some great slotting stories from our experienced guests, in the hopes that your warehouse can learn from them…

And this is all in anticipation of part two (in two weeks), where you’ll hear all about how automation has revolutionized the slotting game.




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