Scalable software platform fuels Geekplus order fulfillment solutions

Posted by Geekplus on Feb 22, 2024 7:19:44 AM

Geekplus enables automation through a range of reliable and innovative mobile robotics solutions to suit each business’s unique order fulfillment needs.

The company’s comprehensive suite of Goods-to-Person order fulfillment robots leads the industry, with solutions built to exponentially increase picking throughput while maximizing warehouse storage space.

Smart, Scalable Software

But it’s not all about flexible, reliable robots. Creating a true order fulfillment one-stop shop requires agile, robust software that a)integrates with a client's existing WMS b)is able to control the traffic patterns of a large fleet of robots c) can be learned quickly by warehouse workers.

Geekplus solutions are powered by smart software for order fulfillment optimization. The Geekplus Warehouse Execution System, Robot Management System and Intelligent Operating Platform incorporate best practices from leading global enterprises across various industries.

“At Geekplus sales of standard, packaged systems have decreased as a percentage versus larger, integrated systems. Customers are asking for more integrations; they want our software to plug into myriad existing systems,” said Joseph Kraft, director of systems consulting at Geekplus. “A lot of this is through partners, who sell Geekplus’ capabilities with their own software. In these cases, they use our Robot Management System functionality in their own WMS.”

In addition to controlling the robots on the floor through the Robot Management System, the Geekplus platform carries discrete-level inventory data; the system knows what product is in which bin or which tote on which rack and where that rack is on the floor, while the upper-level WMS will have that summary-level inventory data. Geekplus then uses algorithms to create optimal inventory placement based on order patterns.

When designing the software, engineers prioritized scalability and adaptability to the current needs of the customer. If the customer is just using a pallet solution, Kraft explains, Geekplus can just give them he modular solution that deals with the Pallet-to-Person solution. As their business grows or the operation changes, new modules can be added to tap into different features of the software platform. Geekplus scales to grow with their customers operations.

In this volatile business climate, there’s no time to waste on inefficient or inflexible picking operations. Costly fixed automation can only constrain order fulfillment operations during a time of shifting consumer demands. At a time when the constant drumbeat of logistics disruption is coming from multiple angles – increasingly fierce weather patterns, new geopolitical disasters, etc. – streamlining order fulfillment and making sure warehouse operations are optimized is a major factor contributing to supply chain resiliency.  

See the Geekplus portfolio of Goods-to-Person mobile robot solutions for yourself this March at the Modex 2024 and LogiMAT supply chain conferences. Can't wait? Schedule a conversation to learn more about the suite of Geekplus order fulfillment solutions, spanning Shelf-to-Person, Tote-to-Person and Pallet-to-Person robots.




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