From The Robot Report: Chinese mobile robot maker Geek+ coming to America

Upload time:2018-04-03 Source: The Robert Report

Chinese artificial intelligence and robot maker Geek+ (Beijing Geekplus Technology) will be demonstrating its line of picking, moving and sortation robots April 9-12 in Atlanta, GA at MODEX, the largest supply-chain trade show in the Americas.

Geek+ is a leading provider — and China’s #1 supplier — of warehousing and logistics solutions in China and SE Asia. Now it is bringing its award-winning (Fortune Magazine’s Top 15 Innovative Startups of China) technologies to Atlanta for Modex.

From The Robot Report: Chinese mobile robot maker Geek+ coming to America

Founded in 2015, Geek+ has successfully shipped over 3,000 logistics and sorting robots and developed 10+ robotic products for more than 30 supply chain clients – all in less than three years. Geek+ will be launching the P800 picking robot equipped with cutting-edge advanced SLAM laser navigation technology so that it can follow floor markings or navigate point-to-point . The P800 has a maximum load of 1,000 kg and can operate in temperatures from -22° to 122° making it ideal for handling refrigerated goods or working in un-airconditioned spaces. Picking robots lift and carry portable shelves to packing stations. Geek+ will also be showing their S10 sorting robot which is used by China Post and their new M100 handling robot which can also be outfitted with the SLAM laser navigation for point-to-point transport.

“Research shows that material handling occupies 75% of labor costs, 25% of human resources, 55% of production space and 87% of production time. The main pain points to customers are wasted human resources and rising labor costs. On the other hand, the traditional AGV with fixed transporting track is no longer suitable for this high-demand and changeable market. As we begin to bring our products and services to North America, we really want supply chain business executives and MODEX attendees to visit our booth and see our solutions,” said Geek+ CEO Yong Zheng.

From The Robot Report: Chinese mobile robot maker Geek+ coming to America
Mr. Zheng will be at the show as will the full Geek+ marketing team of Lit, Jason, Carmen and Doris. Their booth is located in Hall B B621.

Geek+ is well-funded (it has raised $61.5 million), has 300 employees, and provides one-stop AI and robotic solutions to enhance efficiency for users in logistics and warehouse management. Geek+ attempts to simplify steps in order fulfillment, material handling, and sorting using AI and robotics to reduce labor, optimize parcel consolidation and the picking process, and manage fleets of robots.

Geek+ has over 50 successful cases and 3,000+ robots working in some well-known enterprise warehouses. They are building a new manufacturing facility which they expect to come online mid-Summer. This will enable them to increase production from the current run rate of ~4,000 per year to ~10,000 per year.

If you are planning on attending MODEX this year, make the trek out to Hall B booth B621 and say hello to the folks from Geek+.