Geek+ Empowers UPS with Flexible Solutions


The Challenge 

To meet the growing demand of a new customer, UPS Supply Chain Solutions® needed to reconfigure its warehouse layout to make room for new products and to scale up its operations with more Shelf-to-Person mobile robotic automation.

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Our Solution

The relocation of 1,018 racks to a different warehouse area was completed in less than four hours. This ensured minimal disruptions to UPS's existing operations, and also provided the necessary space to begin deploying a new Geek+ Shelf-to-Person PopPick solution. Together, the existing standard system and the new PopPick system serve multiple UPS clients with different product categories in the same solution.  


The Geek+ impact

  • Scaled easily to meet the demands of UPS's growing business 
  • No infrastructure changes - flexibility to adjust automation layout and location within the same facility
  • Minimal disruption to existing operations
  • Ability to serve multiple clients with different product categories in one solution


About Customer

UPS SCS Logo_StackedUPS Supply Chain Solutions® offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to enhance customers' business performance, including logistics, distribution, and transportation.