MW Logistics quadruples warehouse productivity

The customer

MW Logistics is an e-commerce logistics service provider with a distribution center on the GermanPolish border. The company off ers full-service fulfillment, from warehousing to shipping, handling of returns, and telephone support.

The challenge

Manual picking proved to be a constraint to the rapid growth of the company. MW wanted to increase efficiency significantly without hiring additional workers.

Our solution

A total of 57 Geek + robots work on an area of 12,500 square meters with 650 shelves.

  • The robots are designed to work safely with the warehouse staff.
  • The system comprises 6 robot loading stations and 7 picking stations.
MW 1
The Geek+ impact
  • The implementation of the system led to an increase of 300% in picking efficiency by significantly reducing the distances employees have to travel in the warehouse.
  • Extremely high picking accuracy of > 99 %.
  • Picking rate of up to 400 pieces/h per picking station.
  • Fast project implementation within 12 weeks.
  • The robots do not need light during operation so that many lamps can be switched off . Thus, a saving potential of several thousand euros per year can be generated.
  • The working conditions for the workers have improved, which leads to a lower employee fluctuation.


MW 2