INLAYLINK factory realizes a smart upgrade with moving robots

The customer

INLAYLINK is one of the world-renowned manufacturers of RFID tag antennas, specializing in the design, research and development, production, and sales of RFID tag antennas. It is also one of the few high-tech companies that can provide RFID data collection solutions and has won many world-known rewards. 

The challenge
  •  On-site materials are moved across floors and multiple areas frequently, and manual handling cannot guarantee the timeliness
  • Manual handling is labor-intensive 
  • The value of a single material on-site is high. Checking, verification, signing, and handover are required for the delivery, online, offline, and warehousing links.
  • The efficiency is low and the management cost is high.
  • An information system is required to connect the warehouse and the production line to achieve physical and automatic docking of accounts.
Our solution
  • The site is equipped with 12 M1000 robots that transfers the materials out of the warehouse and sends them to the production lines.
  • The robots are connected with vertical warehouse stackers, elevators, access control, and other systems to realize automatic, accurate, and timely distribution of materials across floors and sectors. 
  • The Geek+ Moving System (GMS) is connected to WMS and MES, enabling real-time visibility of the manufacturing process. 
The Geek+ impact
  • The integration information allowed a reduction in material management costs by 60%
  • Material handling efficiency increased by 30%
  • Reduced labor-insensitive operations