improves services with over 100 AMRs

About Customer is one of Australia’s leading online retailers. Founded in 2006, they aim to bring new e-commerce solutions to Australia and support online shoppers with a wide range of brands and products at low prices. Purchased by Westfarmers Group in June 2019, they experienced rapid business growth.

The challenge

  • Low warehouse storage efficiency cannot meet regular storage demands
  • Rapid surge in demand
  • Rapidly growing customer base with 30,000 new customers every week
  • High expectations for fast and accurate deliveries

Our Solution

  • Over 100 picking robots were deployed in’s 2,000 sqm facility to manage an inventory of 80,000 SKUs


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The Geek+ impact

  • The ability to quickly expand operations in line with growth
  • Improved picking efficiency; picking rates up to 2000 items / h
  • Increased throughput capacity and speed of delivery
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