Geek+ Helps ALPEN, Japanese Sporting Goods Retailer, Boost Picking Efficiency by 4 Times with Three Repurchases in Four Years

The customer

Started in 1972, ALPEN has become one of the major sports goods retailers in Japan through its integrated business model of production and sales. At present, ALPEN has 8 private brands such as TIGORA and IGNIO in Japan, and represents world famous sports brands such as NIKE and adidas, with nearly 400 chain stores.

The challenge
  • Difficult to cope with the huge number of SKUs
  • Insufficient workforce
  • Fragmentation of orders
Our solution


Alpen 3-3
Customer value
  • 4X improvement in shipment picking efficiency
  • 50% reduction in ALPEN order fulfillment time
  • Achieved multiple warehouse expansions
  • Achieve rapid sales growth
  • Develop sales strategies that peers can't
  • Improve customer shopping experience and satisfaction
Alpen 1-1-1