The Hottest Items Belong at the Front of the Warehouse: Your Guide to Dynamic Slotting

Posted by Sarah Gomez on Jul 4, 2022 2:27:33 AM

Geek+'s algorithm collects data in your smart warehouse all day so our bots can work all night organizing to save time and money.

In fact, one of PopPick system's most impressive product features happens during idle time. In a traditional warehouse, when the workers clock out, production stops. In a Geek+ smart warehouse, the next day's outbound order start to take shape along with the reorganization of the warehouse according to which SKUs are in high demand.

It's called dynamic slotting, a fancy term for a most useful process: Our algorithm analyzes which totes have SKUs with the highest hit rate (the most popular items in the warehouse) and reorganizes them with other high-hit totes on a single rack.

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Our P800 robot then brings the rack to the front of the warehouse near the picking station, a process we call intelligent relocation. Picking can resume the next day by moving as few racks as possible, increasing transportation efficiency while increasing hit rate.




Likewise, racks carrying low hit rate totes are reorganized and sent to the back of the warehouse to store until needed.

Intelligent relocation keeps the less picked totes out of the way of high traffic areas and concentrates traffic toward the front of the warehouse.

Compared to a traditional tote-to person solution, PopPick system saves 50% on operating costs.

Whether your problem is keeping the shelves stocked during the holidays or organizing your warehouse to prepare for a new fashion season, Geek+'s order forecast algorithm has you covered.

Our system can predict how much product you need and where it needs to go so  the warehouse can run in the most efficient way possible.

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