The Future of Warehouse Robotics: New white paper from Geek+ and Interact Analysis

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- New white paper highlights AMR technology’s pace-setting role in logistics automation and operations
- Geek+ continues to develop the next generation of AMR solutions

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ATLANTA, March 31, 2022 – Geek+, the global leader in AMR technology, and top market intelligence firm Interact Analysis have jointly released a new white paper, The Future of Warehouse Robotics, that examines where the industry is at the beginning of 2022 and the new approaches made possible by AMR technology.

The growth of e-commerce, accelerated by the jet fuel of the Covid-19 pandemic, has pushed the logistics and supply chain sectors into overdrive and brought forward the timeline of automation. As more and more companies look for answers to challenges such as labor shortages and space constraints, Geek+ is providing AMR-based solutions today and working to innovate and develop new, ever more specialized approaches.

The white paper makes it abundantly clear that AMRs are not solutions of the future, but are the reality on the ground today and will continue to shape and drive warehousing solutions tomorrow. Faster, more flexible, more cost effective, and easier to scale, AMRs’ advantages over traditional, fixed infrastructure are plain to see. As the paper states: “if a team of well managed mobile robots can pick and carry any item to any location in a warehouse, why would anybody ever install a fixed conveyor belt ever again?”

Highlights of the white paper include:

- How the world of warehousing has changed
- Tote-to-person (T2P) AMRs and mobile automation solutions
- Real-world case studies
- The evolution of goods-to-person (G2P)
- AI-powered solutions

Geek+ and Interact Analysis’s white paper, The Future of Warehouse Robotics, can be downloaded for free here:

For those attending Modex 2022 in Atlanta or SITL 2022 in Paris, Geek+ experts on site will be very happy to discuss this paper with you further and answer any questions you may have.

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