Geek+ teams up with Comix : The First Robot Fleet Solution

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Geek+ teams up with Comix! -- The first robot fleet solution in the field of enterprise services has been launched! 

The global AMR leader Geek+ has joined forces with Comix to implement the first robot fleet solution in the field of enterprise services. Through the full-process combination solution of Geek+ one-stop RoboShuttle®+P40 flexible totes, picking/four-way shuttle vehicle intensive storage, the three parties have created the industry's first intensive storage intelligent logistics warehousing and took the lead in realizing the full-process collaboration of AMR robot fleets.

pic1Since the launch at Comix, the warehouse space utilization rate has increased by 40%, the storage capacity has increased by 200. The picking efficiency has increased by 50%, the accuracy rate has reached 99.99%, and the labor input has been saved by 50%. A new height in the industry for intelligent supply chain upgrades.

The RS5+P40 flexible and dense storage solution combined with the four-way vehicle combination solution meets the storage needs of different types of large, medium, and small goods make full use of every inch of storage space under the ceiling, and solves the problem of 1500 square meters of storage area. 

With the help of an intelligent algorithm, the smart tally system automatically adjusts the inventory distribution which greatly improves the outbound efficiency of Comix warehouse orders. In addition, the P40 robot can be automatically raised to the operator's comfortable picking height, which improves the picking efficiency while reducing the risk of injury for operators. 

+ Adhering to the concept of green and low-carbon, the whole process of the project is noise and pollution-free. Geek+ solutions are safe and reliable, ensuring the safety of operators, fire safety, and equipment.


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