Geek+ is “Best of Intralogistics 2020”

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Hanover, 13 February 2020 -- Geek+ is proud to announce it has been designated as “Best of Intralogistics 2020” as a nominee for the world-renowned IFOY award, one of the industry’s most prestigious recognitions. Geek+ is the only AMR Company to have been recognized by the IFOY committee, alongside other global manufacturers and supply chain leaders.


Geek+ was selected for its boundary-pushing RoboShuttle system, a new multi-level mezzanine robotic shuttle system that guarantees efficiency while maximizing warehouse space utilization.

  • The C200 robots identify and pick standard-sized bins and carry them to workstations for picking and packing.
  • Features include intelligent scheduling, accurate navigation and automatic charging.
  • Suitable for multi-SKU storage and picking applications and is designed to operate on single layer rack and multi-layer mezzanine racks.
  • Fits within existing warehouses, and easily adapts to changes in workload through the flexible addition or removal of robots.

The system is:

  • Highly efficient, improving efficiency by 200 to 300% on average.
  • Cost-effective – return on investment is 12 months to 3 years
  • Flexible – number of robots can be flexibly increased or decreased according to business requirements: the solution follows your business plan and expansion
  • Stable – 24/7 operations, robust services from Geek+ global team, and no single point failure

Jackson Zhang, Managing Director for Geek+ Europe commented: “We are proud that our expertise is being recognized as the most innovative of the year. This achievement highlights our efforts and commitment in delivering high-tech, ultra-efficient and flexible robotics system to our customers. We will continue to be at the forefront of the smart logistics revolution, moving the world intelligently for our clients in Europe and across the world.”



Geek+ engineers deployed the RoboShuttle system during the IFOY Test days. The “Innovative Check” was carried out during the test days by specialists from the Dortmund Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), the Chair of Technical Logistics at the University of Dresden and the Chair of Materials Handling, Material Flow and Logistics (fml) at the Technical University of Munich. Geek+ was certified “Best of Intralogistics” for the year by the committee following its top performance.

Geek+ will showcase its RoboShuttle system to visitors at Logimat from March 10 to 12. Come to Hall 7 Booth C53 for a live demo.

About Geek+

Geek+ is global technology company leading the intelligent logistics revolution. We apply advanced robotics and AI technologies to realize flexible, reliable and highly-efficient solutions for warehouses, factories and supply chain management.

Our R&D team brings together the brightest robotics, computer science and AI engineers with industrial engineers that have deep understanding of logistics, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers. We develop tailored solutions to a wide range of industries, including ecommerce, apparel, retail, logistics, 3PL, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing.

Geek+ has successfully completed over 200 projects across four continents, deploying more than 10,000 robots. Founded in 2015, Geek+ has over 800 employees and is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and the USA.

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