Geek+ implements first large scale AMR sorting system for e-commerce

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Banggood implements Geek+ FleetSort solution to power its growing cross-border e-commerce business with automatic sorting operations


Beijing, September 2nd, 2020 - Geek+, a global AMR leader announces it has implemented a large scale AMR sorting system with Banggood, a global e-commerce player, to support the company’s growing cross-border e-commerce business of 37 international warehouses with deliveries bound for over 200 countries.

In light of the accelerated shift towards e-commerce, Banggood has faced challenges of rapid growth in online sales, unpredictable demand, labor shortages, and higher requirements for safer operations. With labor-intense operations often subject to inaccurate sorting, the company turned to Geek+ to automate its warehouse using Geek+ FleetSort solution.

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Kelvin Zhang, Geek+ Sorting Product Director says: “Today, e-commerce players need flexible solutions that allow them to scale operations in line with business growth and cope with unpredictable demand. The FleetSort solution automates the sorting process using AMR robots to bring ordered goods from workstations to sorting destination following a simple chutes layout. To scale operations, companies can easily adjust the number of robots and sorting destinations, and, since there’s no need for platform development, the solution can be immediately set up into existing facilities, saving considerable infrastructure costs.”

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Apart from flexibility, another priority of global businesses today is safety, particularly in light of the ongoing global pandemic. Safe warehouse operations require the strictest measures to ensure employee protection and prevent products and packages from being contaminated. Geek+ FleetSort solution can be integrated with moving robots that will automatically change cages of sorted items once filled, providing around-the-clock, unmanned, and safe operations.

Wenfa Liu, Director of Banggood warehousing says: “After the implementation, we have seen significant improvements in the average efficiency of employees and 99.99% sorting accuracy while reducing the overall reliance on manual labor. This has enabled us to meet higher customer service requirements of our B2C business while providing cost-efficient and safe operations. We’re also impressed by the level of customization provided, as FleetSort can automate sorting based on shipping routes, helping us continue to cover global markets and meet various international requirements for transportation channels.”

FleetSort uses S-series robots to sort small or middle-size parcels. Using strong algorithms, the solution monitors robot traffic and balances the task of each robot to achieve maximum sorting efficiency. The robots are adapted to work with various automation options, from manual packaging, to conveyor docking and robot arm station. FleetSort maximizes the use of the warehouse space by intelligently distributing the destination chutes’ layout on the ground.

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