Geekplus outfits Alpen e-commerce facility with Shelf-to-Person solution

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TOKYO –  Geekplus has again partnered with sporting goods retailer Alpen to bring its Shelf-to-Person solution to the company’s new 33,000-square-meter e-commerce warehouse in Western Japan. The facility, located in Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture, is expected to go live this Spring.

Alpen Group Shelf-to-Person (1)This phased expansion adds to Geekplus’ existing work with Alpen at its facility in Eastern Japan.

Alpen first began using 56 flagship Geekplus Goods-to-Person robots in its Eastern Japan e-commerce center in 2018. As its business grew, Alpen scaled up to 216 robots in the 23,000-square-meter facility, achieving a 4x efficiency improvement and doubling storage capacity while shortening delivery lead time.  

“Due to e-commerce demand, we have launched strategic fulfillment centers in eastern and western Japan, aiming to establish a network capable of fast and efficient supply to the market,” said Ryuichi Hamanaka, Alpen's head of logistics. "The mission was not only to decentralize distribution but also to ensure healthy profits in terms of managing cost and productivity.”

For its order fulfillment automation, Alpen needed modular, flexible automation that could adapt quickly to changes in order flows and allowed a scaled approach to implementation.

In the Shelf-to-Person solution, Geekplus robots carry shelves of goods to workers at picking stations instead of requiring employees to walk through the facility, searching for each product. The solution provides high flexibility, easy deployment, and high throughput with a short implementation period. There’s no need for infrastructure investment, making it the most mobile Goods-to-Person solution on the market that handles goods of all sizes. The solution is ​simple to use, quick to deploy and easy to relocate.

“We see Geekplus as a true partner in the evolution of our warehouse automation,” Ryuichi Hamanaka said. “The culture of fast action from proposal to implementation and validation aligns with our company's corporate culture, and we’ re proud to once again partner with Geekplus on our newest e-commerce facility.”

Geekplus grows with each customer at their own pace, enabling sustainable and flexible operations through stable and cost-effective solutions, dependable service and local teams. This localization enables maximum support for Alpen’s longterm business objectives, introducing efficiency improvements and service enhancements as needs evolve.


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