Robosavior Guide - Peak Terminator

With an increasing number of global sales festivals emerging in the past few years, retailers, distributors and freight forwarders are facing a greater number of peak seasons. Especially towards the end of the year with Singles Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year sales occurring consecutively, the pressure to meet the demands of customers have only compounded.

For example, in 2019, Geek+’s smart warehouse network processed a whooping 8.11 million orders in 72 hours for the 2019 11.11 Singles’ Day Shopping Festival. This year in 2020, Geek+ broke the record set in the previous year and successfully delivered 13.19 million orders with the deployment of 5500 AMR robots at 99.99% accuracy over the 2020 11.11 Singles Day shopping season.


In this report, we will look more closely at


  • What are the peak pain points?
  • How to overcome the pain points?
  • What is Geek+ Brain?


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