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Picking Solutions

Combines Picking and Storing Totes, Shelves, and pallets optimizing your warehouse efficiency

Improve Warehouse Storage Density by 400%

Less is more with 4x storage

Stack up to 12 columns of totes in a row with only a 20mm gap in-between them. PopPick facilitates the most accurate and efficient pick per order.

4X Storage
4X Efficiency
2X Throughput

2x Throughput Capacity 

Enhance your workflow with Ai

Traditionally, warehouse logistics demand an excessive amount of manual labor-- but with our Ai technology, you can double the throughput capacity with intelligent mapping algorithms. 

Protect your Workforce 

Utilize the very best of modern ergonomics

The picking process should be seamless, that's why we designed the working stations to fit the needs of the operator. Protecting your health is our priority. 


Flexibility is Key

We understand your warehouse needs might call for highly flexible utilities. Our robotics and our racks are fully customizable for a variety of different workflows. 


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