Geek+ Equips UPS with Faster E-Commerce Order Fulfillment 


Customer Challenges

The Geek+ Solution

4539472-1-1 With a wide range of order profiles from its footwear and apparel customer, Allbirds, UPS Supply Chain Solutions® needed a scalable yet standardized automation solution that could be seamlessly expanded across multiple distribution centers.                                                                                             

💡 After initially starting with 27 P-800 shelf-to-person picking robots, UPS Supply Chain Solutions® scaled its automation to 184 robots across two warehouses covering the West and East Coast of the United States.                                                                                  

Geek+ Impact 

97% increase in peak unit throughput YOY

400% increase in picked units per hour YOY

Experienced back-to-back record days during Peak

Shortened training time from 1 week to 2 hours             

Flexibility to share labor between multiple operations

Multi-lingual system allows for greater employee inclusion


Curious to delve deeper into the remarkable warehouse transformation journey of UPS, Allbirds, and Geek+?

Discover how these industry leaders evolved from a proof of concept to establishing a nationwide warehouse network.

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Automation has really helped us to be more flexible in being able to adapt to customers’ ever changing order profiles and growth. We went into Cyber Monday clean and received tons of praise from our customers.

Thomas Stearman
Director of Industrial Engineering, UPS Supply Chain Solutions
Tori Reynolds

My favorite part about the automation is that it’s available in multiple languages, offering us a unique opportunity for inclusion with our employees who don’t speak English. When you hit the warehouse floor, you can feel the excitement. People are very enthusiastic about having a chance to be a part of changing the way that we do logistics.

Tori Reynolds
Workforce Coordination Manager, UPS Supply Chain Solutions


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Allbirds is a global lifestyle brand that innovates with naturally derived materials to make footwear and apparel products in a better way, while tredding lighter on the planet.

The Robots Behind The Success:

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