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Posted by Sarah Gomez on Apr 28, 2023 5:42:51 AM

Geek+ Speak S1E8: Tech + Tenacity:  Geek+ Americas' Jing Jin Pt 1 of 2 Building a team from scratch is tough in any profession, but robotics starts ups are uniquely demanding. It's learning to combine past work experience with new technology while balancing hard skills, soft skills and incredibly long hours.



Let's Talk

Over the next two episodes, Geek+ Speak: The Logistics Automation Podcast is proud to share an honest and inspiring conversation with the Head of Solutions at Geek+ America, Jing Jin.

In part one, Jing tells us how she built Geek+ Americas' first Solution Design Team, her thoughts on conquering imposter syndrome and advice she has for anyone looking to enter the logistics field.

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