Geekplus helps FORTNA create award-winning Optisweep sorting solution

Posted by Geekplus on Jun 13, 2024 10:52:27 AM

Geekplus works with partners around the world to bring innovative warehouse automation solutions to a broad range of customers. One of those partners, FORTNA, collaborated to use Geekplus tote-carrying robots, part of the Tote-to-Person solution, to create its OptiSweep sorting process.

The Optisweep solution leverages FORTNA WCS software, specially designed hardware and Geekplus mobile robots to automate what is typically a labor-intensive process in high-volume eCommerce and parcel distribution centers.

Fortna OptisweepThe traditional, established sorter close-out process uses workers to monitor specific sorter destinations, physically remove items and walk them to a consolidation station for downstream processes. FORTNA OptiSweep significantly reduces these labor requirements by using Geekplus robots to collect orders from sorter divert locations and bring them to specially designed goods-to-person locations for bulk consolidation and outbound processes. The solution easily integrates with other automated sorter systems and can match a range of throughput requirements, offering processing flexibility from 4,000 to more than 34,000 pieces per hour.

The complete Geekplus Tote-to-Person solution uses two order fulfillment robots: one robot that operates in the aisles, reaching up to store totes 40 feet in the air, and a small robot that quickly delivers totes to picking stations. Tote-to-Person combines high-density storage for small- and medium-sized goods with order fulfillment efficiency. Optisweep only makes use of the smaller robot.

Geekplus and FORTNA announced a global strategic partnership in 2023 to design, develop and implement cutting-edge automated robotic solutions. FORTNA OptiSweep shows this combination in action, with FORTNA WCS software and its proprietary algorithms seamlessly orchestrating workflow and Geekplus mobile robots collecting and transporting orders.

The collaboration is all about targeting the right application with the right technology.

“We worked in close collaboration with FORTNA to make this new sorter changeover process a reality, and the result is a truly innovative solution,” said Lit Fung, vice president and managing director for international business, Geekplus. “The warehouse market needs automation to handle the demands of today’s order fulfillment.”

To recognize the importance of the warehouse automaton innovation, OptiSweep has been named Automated Sortation System of the Year in the third annual SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards. SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards received thousands of entries, with winners selected across a range of categories including eCommerce logistics, digital freight shipping, inventory management, and more.

“Our approach to innovation targets the most pressing challenges facing today’s eCommerce-driven supply chains with best-fit automation technology, tailored to what businesses need,” said Rob McKeel, CEO, FORTNA. “Our priority and focus continue to be on accelerating supply chain automation that elevates competitive advantage, and OptiSweep delivers on that promise, delivering consistent performance and scalability to a process particularly prone to labor challenges.”

Geekplus is a one-stop shop for order fulfillment automation, enabling a range of reliable and innovative mobile robotics solutions fit to evolving order fulfillment needs. The scalability of Geekplus solutions means companies aren’t forced into extensive upgrades; Geekplus grows with you, providing the right solutions, or hybrid combination of robot types, to meet current business demands. 

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