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Posted by Geekplus on Feb 1, 2024 1:08:49 PM

In today’s volatile market, supply chain disruption is the new normal; economic challenges and labor issues crop up frequently. 3PLs, retailers and other warehouse operators are dealing with numerous concurrent pain points:

✅Labor scarcity and rising costs

✅Low employee morale

✅Compressed fulfillment timelines

✅Increased returns and rising SKU counts

✅Emissions-reduction demands

With these pressures, there’s no time to waste on fixed order fulfillment and picking automation which can be terribly inefficient, inflexible and doesn't allow businesses to easily scale up operations. Companies turn to mobile robot order fulfillment solutions for flexibility, reliability and scalability. Costly fixed warehouse automation and other non-modular AMR solutions only constrain order fulfillment operations during a time of uncertainty and quickly shifting consumer demands.

Geekplus enables order fulfillment optimization through three main solution types, providing a mobile order fulfillment robot to fit every need. Customers can even combine robots in the same facility, a modular innovation in a market of fixed solutions.

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The Geekplus Shelf-to-Person solution is part of its suite of Goods-to-Person order fulfillment robots. 



Comprehensive Goods-to-Person order fulfillment

Experience the industry’s only complete range of Goods-to-Person solutions fueled by a powerful, proprietary software platform that easily integrates to existing warehouse technology.


The Geekplus Shelf-to-Person solution removes the need for infrastructure investment. It’s the most mobile Goods-to-Person solution on the market and it handles goods of all sizes. Customers choose this solution for its high flexibility, easy deployment and high throughput for rapid picking efficiency improvement. It’s simple to use, quick to deploy and easy to relocate as the business grows.


In the Tote-to-Person solution, two robots work together – a tote storage robot that spans up to 11 meters high coordinates with a quick picking robot on the ground level. It’s a perfect solution for companies with small and medium-sized goods looking to pack more product onto tall shelves.

This ultra-flexible large and small cart solution maximizes warehouse storage potential without sacrificing speed.


Need to store pallets high up in the warehouse? That’s where the Pallet-to-Person system comes in with vertical pallet storage and fast ground-level picking. These bulk storage capabilities make the solution ideal for 3PLs housing both B2B and B2C operations in the same warehouse. Pallet-to-Person provides customers with greater flexibility than fixed automation solutions.

Geekplus solutions include the proprietary Warehouse Execution System, which controls the fulfillment of orders, the movement of loads in automation and intelligent routing and product sorting.  Geekplus' Robot Management System is an advanced robot scheduling and fleet management solution handling route management, task assignment, capacity optimization, safety emergency stops and a host of additional tasks. Employ thousands of concurrently operating robots working across different navigation types.

Geekplus grows with each customer at their own pace, enabling sustainable and flexible operations through stable and cost-effective solutions, dependable service and local teams. ​There’s no need to commit to a large, expansive order fulfillment system if that’s not what the business needs. Need some guidance during times of increased activity? Geekplus is happy to help with on-site operational support during major promotional periods to help clients smoothly handle peak demand.

Geekplus is a one-stop shop for order fulfillment automation, enabling a range of reliable and innovative mobile robotics solutions fit evolving order fulfillment needs. The scalability of Geekplus solutions means companies aren’t forced into extensive robotic upgrades; Geekplus grows with you, providing the right solutions, or hybrid combination of robot types, to meet current business demands. More than 1,000 3PLs, e-commerce retailers and warehouse operators around the world have collaborated with us on their order fulfillment automation journey. With Geekplus, your warehouse upgrade is in expert hands, allowing you to focus on business growth.​

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