Three Questions: North American Mobile Robotics Growth

Posted by Geekplus on Apr 9, 2024 10:09:00 AM

How has Geekplus experienced substantial, sustained growth in North America? Check out the FAQ below from Rick DeFiesta, EVP Sales and Solutions Geekplus America, to see how the mobile order fulfillment robot provider has helped customers throughout the country bring Goods-to-Person solutions to their facilities. 

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Tell me about the customers Geekplus has helped in North America. You recently celebrated a milestone of more than 75 order fulfillment robot projects in the country

In North America, the majority of our customers are in the retail and apparel industries, but that includes everyone from a consumer brand founded in the 19th Century to a third-party logistics provider working with numerous retailers in the same facility. Among those customers also are other companies that looked to a reliable, stable robotics partner to revolutionize their order fulfillment operations due to the staggering demands created by ballooning e-commerce sales.

For instance, Geekplus works with, moving goods like cleats, jerseys, shin guards, soccer balls and other equipment with our order fulfillment robots. It’s an exciting time for the company, as they’re already planning for the surge in demand that will happen around the 2026 World Cup in North America.

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Our customers in North America also include a rural lifestyle retailer; Geekplus order fulfillment robots pick everything from jackets and shirts to gardening equipment and pet supplies for that customer. On any given day, our robots are also picking necklaces, bracelets and diamonds for Shop LC down in Texas; Omega, Tissot and Seiko watches for Jomashop in New York; and countless spare parts for our automotive customers. We also handle eyeglasses, hydraulics, medication, medical devices, textbooks, groceries and liquor.    

Companies are confident in our technology because Goods-to-Person mobile robots are a proven innovation in the order fulfillment industry. These robots not only reduce fulfillment errors, but they serve as employee recruitment and retention tools. This technology, when coupled with our robot and warehouse management software, replaces the inefficient and undesirable job of manual picking. Instead of spending their time walking through a cavernous warehouse to locate and collect the products or items that have been ordered by consumers, associates instead work at a picking station where the goods are automatically shuttled to them.

Why do these customers turn to Geekplus?

We are the only provider of a comprehensive Goods-to-Person suite of solutions that can be controlled by a single software platform. Our modular robot solutions are attractive to companies due to the lack of fixed infrastructure, allowing companies to add robots, racks, and workstations at any time to meet their growing business needs. Flexible solutions like ours also provide our customers with the ability to easily adapt to changing order profiles (think summer swimwear to winter clothing), as well as the ability to relocate the automation within the same facility or to a new facility without major disruptions to current operations. The easiest way to understand this capability is to think about a conveyor, which is fixed and can’t be moved within the facility, and certainly not to a new facility.

We’re giving our customers the largest portfolio of solutions in the industry as a one-stop shop approach to order fulfillment. With our robots, we can meet virtually any business challenge.

Our software is the only system that controls three distinct types of robots; it’s powered by smart algorithms that can easily be integrated into existing technology. With this software, Geekplus is moving beyond the commoditization of robots into creating true one-stop, systems-based solutions for its customers.

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Will the North American robot market keep growing? 

There is significant untapped opportunity in the United States for our comprehensive suite of Goods-to-Person order fulfillment solutions. These customers may just be beginning their warehouse automation journey and are looking around to find a reliable partner with an one-stop-shop solution; other customers may be a little more experienced with automation and have decided they need the latest innovation.  We're the global market leader in mobile robots for a reason, and we work hard to find a solution that fits each customer's unique business needs.

The opportunity for mobile order fulfillment robot growth in U.S is substantial, and we are strategically positioned to be a leader in the market. Our major technology partners like Microsoft, Intel, Nvidia and Bosch will also help us sustain this growth, and we are always adding new Geekplus converts through our major integration partners Fortna, Korber Supply Chain, Hy-Tek Intralogistics, KPI Solutions, and LiftOne. 

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