Same Day Delivery – The New Normal?

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In the world of e-commerce and supply chain, there is a rising trend which retailers can no longer ignore – and that is Same Day Delivery. According a McKinsey report, nearly 25% of customers across China, Germany, and the US are willing to pay a premium for same day delivery. In fact, the demand for quick delivery services has led to 15% of global retailers offering same day delivery to meet those expectations, according Supply Chain Game Changer. With the advent of smart logistics technology which can enable more effective warehouse processes, many more are expected to follow suit.

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Nike Implement Same Delivery in Japan

For example, in February 2020, Geek+ successfully partnered with Nike to provide advanced robotics solutions to Nike’s new distribution center, deploying more than 200 picking robots to its warehouse in Japan. The smart robots carry Nike products and packages directly to the warehouse worker, reducing costs, and increasing picking efficiency. With Geek+ robots, same day delivery became a reality for Nike customers in Japan.

  Nike warehouse2   Nike warehouse

What exactly is Same Day Delivery?

It is pretty self-explanatory – it is a service which enables consumers who purchase goods online to receive their packages within the day of purchase from the retailer. The speed and convenience of same day delivery is an increasingly attractive option that aligns with the consumer need for “instant gratification”. However, the provision of such a service proves relatively more expensive and challenging for the e-commerce retailer.      Portrait of woman shopping on internet with tablet(purchase goods online to receive their packages within the day of purchase from the retailer)   

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E-commerce retailers need to firstly understand and then weigh the advantages and disadvantages of offering same day delivery services, as well as conduct a self-appraisal of their own logistics management systems to determine if they are equipped to handle this rising consumer need.

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Same day delivery is an advantage to e-commerce retailers because the service:

1) Provides greater customer satisfaction

2) Reduces friction in purchase decision

3) Builds trust with customers

4) Creates a competitive advantage

However, before e-commerce retailers jump into launching a same day delivery service, they should understand that offering such a service could be a disadvantage if:


1) Their warehouses are not equipped enough to handle the speed and efficiency which same day delivery demands

After an order is received in a warehouse, a lengthy picking, moving, sorting and packing process is needed before the parcel is ready to be shipped out. Without the right equipment and processes, it will be difficult to reduce the time a parcel spends in the warehouse before being shipped out on the same day.

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However, technology, including robotics, can speed up that process. For example, the automation of warehouse via the use of robots can rapidly increase efficiency of warehouse operations, allowing same-day delivery to become a reality for customers.

2) Their management systems are not robust enough to allow for real-time overview of your inventories across warehouses and outlets

It is necessary to determine whether goods are available for same-day delivery during the checkout process. Many e-commerce retailers struggle with this hurdle, spelling the need for greater investment in their IT infrastructures.

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Geek+ is ready to help e-commerce retailers capture the benefits of same-day delivery while solving the main obstacles which hinder such an implementation.

In addition to picking robots, Geek+ offers a comprehensive range of other smart logistics solutions like moving, sorting, forklift, storage retrieval and smart factory solutions to help warehouses across the world solve critical challenges and seize valuable opportunities in today’s supply chain.

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