Geekplus Partnership with Logistex to Enhance Warehouse Automation

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Geekplus, the global leader in mobile robotics solutions for logistics, has partnered with Logistex, a leading provider of warehouse automation solutions, to bring clients across the UK a comprehensive suite of integrated technologies to streamline fulfilment and maximize productivity.

Combining Logistex’s warehouse automation expertise with Geekplus's advanced robotic technology is crucial amid growing e-commerce demands.

Geekplus mobile robots are renowned for their adaptability and scalability, making them an ideal fit for theGeek+ mobile robots Logistex mission to provide flexible, efficient, and future-proof automation solutions. The partnership will enable Logistex customers to automate material handling processes, optimize inventory management, and improve order fulfilment accuracy and speed.

“The partnership will unite our solution expertise and market knowledge. It’s about the collective strength to innovate and address the evolving needs of the logistics landscape. Together, we can enable more businesses to attain greater efficiency and competitiveness,” said Tony Gruber, managing director, Logistex.

Logistex clients utilize the Geekplus Shelf-to-Person, smart sorting and RoboShuttle-enabled hybrid solutions. Clients can also access the Geekplus Robot Management System, Warehouse Execution System, Warehouse Management System, and simulation software platforms. This end-to-end automation ecosystem enables clients to optimize their operations, reduce labor costs, and increase fulfilment capacity while maintaining a high level of accuracy and reliability.

“We see this partnership with Logistex not just as a collaboration, but a fusion of visions and aspirations,” said Simon Houghton, sales director UKI & ME, Geekplus. “Together, our combined strengths will write a new chapter of innovation and growth for the UK logistics industry.”

About Logistex

Logistex provides automated materials handling and software solutions for warehousing operations. We are specialists in storage and retrieval, order forwarding, robotics, picking and sortation systems. As an independent company with no manufacturing ties, we integrate products from across the industry without compromise. Our services cover warehouse/materials handling design & implementation, warehouse execution software and control systems, equipment refurbishment and maintenance, facilities management and 24/7 hotline support and spares.

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