Geek+ helps Nike overhaul operations with new services in Japan

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In February 2020, Geek+ helped Nike in Japan upgrade its warehouse operations, deploying more than 200 robots from Geek+ Goods-to-Person P series line to its warehouse. By using AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) for carrying ordered products directly to employees, Nike was able to increase picking efficiency, mitigate labor shortages, and streamline warehouse operations to meet the rapid growth in online sales and bring same-day delivery to its Tokyo customers.


With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for efficient operations increased as quarantine rules meant difficulties retaining labor and more e-commerce sales. In March, the two companies entered a new phase of the cooperation when Nike turned to Geek+ for support and began a 10-week productivity improvement project. By carrying out an in-depth analysis of customer site and assigning a consultant for managing an on-site analysis-proposal-execution-verification sequence, Geek+ helped Nike further optimize its warehouse operations and improve the productivity of robots.

Tomohiro Sato, President of Geek+ Japan Office, said: “As manufacturers of robotics solutions with a proven track record and in-depth industry understanding, we’re committed to providing tailored solutions that optimize operations on customer sites. We see the project with Nike as a success, taking smart robotics solutions to a new level of customization and are happy to announce that we will be making the service available to retailers and logistics players across Japan.

The Consultation Service Step-by-Step

  1. Present situation analysis
  • - Collected and analyzed Nike’s current performance data

  • - Conducted an on-site assessment

  • - Found complexity due to many SKUs and large fluctuations in order volume

  • - And the need to improve order processing and robot task management

  1. Suggestions for improvement

To improve order processing and task management Geek+

- Adjusted the order distribution logic
- To improve the sequence of orders and how orders are distributed to workstations
- Adjusted rack hitting logic
- To decrease the number of times the AMRs had to move to and from the workstation

Verification of effectiveness

To verify the effectiveness Geek+

- Conducted a weekly test to measure the picking efficiency
- Saw picking efficiency improve by a factor of 1.8
- Allowed Nike to expand its e-commerce sales in Japan

Today, companies all over Japan are looking for more efficient logistics services to meet the overall uptick in e-commerce. With the launch of its consulting service, Geek+ aims to improve the productivity of ongoing operations and maximize customer value of Geek+ robotics solutions. Furthermore, the in-depth understanding cultivated through the Nike project and the success in improving productivity levels of Nike’s warehouse operations will
function as a benchmark for the future, as Geek+ makes it consultation services available companies across Japan.

Future Applications and Service Development

Currently, Geek+ is developing a user-friendly application for visualizing the productivity of robots so as to enable customers to achieve continuous improvement and maximize the productivity of robots on-site.