Geek+ Cooperate with Intel for AI Innovation

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What do you get when you put a leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), with up to a 10% global market share, together with an internationally renowned CPU processor giant? A collaboration between Geek+ and Intel will give an answer.

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In this ever-changing market peppered with black swan events, enterprises need to equip themselves with intelligent capabilities and flexibility to adapt to the market. In response to such market needs, Geek+, a leader in AMRs, and the technology giant Intel have joined hands to create AMRs at the forefront of the industry. The intelligent logistics solutions are applied to promote a transformation and upgrade of global enterprises in terms of their intelligence and flexibility, driving their lasting development in the future. 

This collaboration is yet another result of the "Ecosystem-Enabling" strategy of Geek+, reaffirming the strong position of the company as a leader in AMRs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Top 100 Innovation Incentive Plan

The "Artificial Intelligence (AI) Top 100 Innovation Incentive Plan" ("AI Top 100 Plan") Intel rolled out before aims to utilize Intel's unique advantage in leading product profolio and the collaborative innovation with software and hardware to help 100 outstanding teams in AI innovation to optimize their products and solutions, thus fostering the development of the AI ecosystem and helping the implementation of intelligent applications.

Featured in robust technical capabilities, precise understanding of customer needs, and comprehensive after-sales service system, Geek+ earned the recognition from technical experts and industry leaders, making it one of the teams shortlisted for the second batch of the AI Top 100 Plan. With the all-round assistance from Intel, such as technical guidance and ecosystem support, Geek+ has accelerated its technological progress, making Geek+ solutions applied in more scenarios, and assisting in the intelligent transformation and upgrade of traditional logistics.

As part of a future vision of a world filled with AI, Intel and Geek+ are working together to promote AI applications in the logistics field. Intel's technical advantage in cloud-to-end solutions and capability and experience in upstream and downstream networks, combined with Geek+'s innovative products, leading technology, and industry experience, enables a deep integration of AI with the logistics industry, promotes ecosystem development, and implement intelligent applications.

Reach A Win-Win Success During the Epidemic Period

Amid the outbreak, "contactless" services have once again come under the spotlight. A number of the teams shortlisted in AI Top 100 Plan, including Geek+, have created excellent solutions that provide "contactless" possibilities.

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Printed brain onto circuit board

Backed by Intel's I3 processor, Geek+ utilizes big data analytics and intelligent robotics to provide flexibly automated, autonomous, and intelligent robot solutions and services. These enable emergency medical supplies and daily necessities to be autonomously stored and retrieved efficiently, and delivered contactlessly, contributing to prevention and control efforts for the epidemic. During the Spring Festival, Geek+'s logistics robots continuously worked with high efficiency at the warehouses of Sinopharm Beijing, Nanjing Pharmaceutical, Hangzhou Lianhua, Yonghui Superstore, SF Express,, and Bosideng, delivering almost 3 million sets of pharmaceutical and essential items.

At the time, Bosideng announced that it would be quickly arranging for RMB 0.3 billion worth of down jackets to be delivered to the frontlines of the fight. Thanks to the hundreds of mover robots in its warehouse that are equipped with Intel's CPUs, Bosideng could perform efficient goods handling throughout the process, enabling it to handle the sheer amount of shipments with stability and speed.

The unexpected epidemic has quickened the pace in robotic assistance. Many companies have also come to recognize the value of the robotization, flexibility, and automation of intelligent robots. By working with Intel, Geek+ will extend its advantage further in AMRs to create truly valuable solutions. These will help companies to ramp up their response to unpredictable black swan events and market changes, as well as mitigate their vulnerabilities.

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Moving forward, Geek+ will maintain its "CARE" strategy and continue working closely with Intel, to drive the development and transformation of digital supply chains with technological innovations, so as to better meet the individualized needs of customers and realize its dream of "Moving the world intelligently."