Webinar: AI & Robotics - Delivering Intelligent Automation in Supply Chain & Logistics

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AI & Robotics - Delivering Intelligent Automation in Supply Chain & Logistics
According to global market research firm Interact Analysis, Geek+ constitutes No.1 market share of the global AMR market. Enterprises are shifting towards using automation to increase productivity & level of compliance and efficiency in Supply Chain & Logistics.
The webinar will shed light on why intelligent automation is the future of supply chain and how Geek+ is helping enterprises quickly adopt AI and automation to streamline processes, increase productivity and deliver exceptional results.
Geek+ will introduce the newly launched Intelligent Disinfecting Robots, designed to support safe working and living environments during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Joining us as guest speakers to share their experiences in deploying Geek+ solutions on their operation floors are:
- ACCA International, an advanced 3PL company and the logistics arm of Daiwa House Group, a leading provider of construction and real estate services in Japan; and
- YCH Group, Singapore’s largest home-grown supply chain solutions company and leading regional supply chain management partner to many of the world’s leading brands across Asia Pacific.