Meet up with Geek+ at SiTL

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Visit our booth and see our robots in action! 


Time: 13-15 September 2021


Location: PARIS PORTE DE VERSAILLES – Pavilion 1 – Booth C061




Today, warehouses are often subject to varying degrees of automation. Palletizing, boxing, stacking, product handling, and other repetitive tasks that used to be manually executed can now be seen automated using technology. In the last few years, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have made a breakthrough in the world of logistics and warehousing as they can provide the flexibility required to handle sudden peaks and swift market changes while improving efficiency, accuracy, and safety of warehouse employees.


Geek+ is a global technology leader that combines autonomous mobile robots, intelligent software, and AI to provide smart logistics solutions for warehousing and manufacturing. Based on AMR technology, Geek+ solutions automate many redundant and time-consuming tasks such as picking, sorting, moving, and more to help warehouse employees focus on more value-added tasks. The aim is to create a safe man-machine environment with efficient logistics processes that help businesses flexibly adapt and grow. 


With 20,000 AMRs sold globally and 300 global customers including Nike, Decathlon, DHL, Walmart, ASDA, Dell, Toyota, Geek+ is well on its way to change the way we think of robotics automation. In France, the company continues to strengthen its leadership with multiple deployments serving customers in everything from e-commerce and retail, to apparel and logistics with hundreds of robots adding considerable value to local operations, allowing employees to work in safe work environment and focus on value-added tasks. AMR technologies help French companies strengthen their e-commerce and omnichannel capabilities, improve customer services, and meet expectations for accurate and timely deliveries. 

With a wide range of robotics hardware and intelligent software applications, Geek+ aims to solve logistics bottlenecks and optimize operations according to industry and company-specific requirements. The RoboSuttle system is one of Geek+'s latest innovations. The system combines smart tote/carton picking Shuttle robots with high-density racking to make full use of warehouse space and organize inventory intelligently. Shuttle robots can operate 1m narrow aisles and reach totes on 5-meter-high shelves, automating risky tasks and saving 50% aisle space compared to traditional warehouses. 


Want to know more? Visit Geek+ Booth C061 at SITL, speak with our representatives, and see our smart shuttle and picking robots in action. Get an exclusive look into the technology that is currently transforming the world of logistics and supply chain.


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