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Combating CoVID-19 with Geek+ UVC Disinfection Robot - Lavender!

Geek+ disinfection robot, Lavender, can secure unmanned 24/7 disinfection of large scale facilities. Equipped with UVC (ultraviolet C) light, the robots will automate the disinfection process by moving independently throughout a facility following preset routes, killing 99.9% of germs, viruses, and other pathogens. To secure around the clock operations, the robots can automatically avoid obstacles and self-charge when the battery is low. And, if a person is detected nearby, operations will stop to ensure the safety of people around. Supported by an easy-to-use application and multi-platform compatibility, the disinfection robots can be managed from afar using computers, phones, or tablets for safer operations and more flexibility. In turn, Geek+ disinfection robots can work in a wide range of facilities and spaces from warehouses and stores to schools and offices. 

By automating the disinfection process, it allows you to free up time spent on securing disinfection through manual operations while enabling you to prevent the spread of CoVID-19 and other viruses in shared spaces. 


About Geek+ Robotics

Geek+ is a global robotics company that applies its extensive experience as a manufacturer of AI-driven robotics solutions to introduce disinfection robots. Known for providing robotics solutions suitable for logistics and warehousing, Geek+ leveraged its expertise to develop an automation technology that would allow companies and organizations everywhere to combat CoVID-19. By combining autonomous mobile robot and disinfection technology, Geek+ robots can help secure unmanned 24/7 disinfection of large-scale facilities and shared spaces. This frees up time spent on securing disinfection through manual operations and helps businesses and organizations secure public health and business continuity. In a time of constant change, Geek+ provides innovative robotics solutions that enable businesses and organizations to act responsibly despite uncertainty and plan for the long run.